Sunday, October 30, 2016

2D Class Week 10 Concept Discovery With 3D

This week in 2D class we were experimenting with toon shaders in Maya and we also as a group cleaned up and fixed things that our professor gave us notes on to fix.

I grabbed the Tinman proxy that Boo had made and applied a 3 tone toon shader to it. Then I applied toon lines to it and worked with the profile lines and intersection line attributes in order to give it a designer look and feel.

Boo's Tinman Proxy

Boo's Tinman Proxy

This is the Tinman After I applied the Toon Shader and Toon Lines

This is the Tinman After I applied the Toon Shader and Toon Lines

Afterwards I did some drew over the images to see where we can improve on the character design. I came up with 2 different variations and then Boo came up with a more different variation. We put them next to each other and grabbed whichever piece appealed the most to us.

First attempt at a Draw over

Second attempt at a Draw over

Boo's Draw over

Last attempt at a draw over with all the favorite pieces together
I also did some draw overs of the face tree on the environment side of things. Plus a couple of ideas that I was throwing around for what the face on the tree might look like.

I drew a couple of options for faces for the tree

My first concept of the tree I envisioned 2 branches that would come together to form a heart. The reasoning behind that was that it would serve as a beacon for the Tinman to want to chop it down in search of a heart of his own. 

This was my second go at the face tree and this was actually the design that we decided to go with because the curvature of the trunk is appealing to us and it kind of spreads out at the top more than the original.

Here is a tree, not all designs can be diamonds. 

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